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Q: How do I become a digital disc jockey?

A: Easy Cool

A digital DJ, is one who uses a computer to manage their music and show.

If you have a computer (I assume you do, since you are at this site), then you have the basics. What next?

Well, you need music, which is the heart of any disc jockey.

DJ Music  can be obtained in many ways, although I suspect you want to do it the legal way. You can buy CDs like many of us, subscribe to different DJ/Radio Station music services, such as ERG Music , Promo Only , etc., or download off iTunes, Wal-Mart, Napster, etc. If you use one of the legal download services as mentioned, you will have an additional step of burning the songs to CD, then re-ripping them back to MP3 format.

Then, you need DJ software (I recommend Rockit for wedding/party jocks), there are other choices available for club/beat mixing folks.

Once you have your pc dj setup ready, you then connect it to your mixer/powered speakers, and are ready to go.

You will find it's so much easier to look up a song quick, grab a request, and generally do all your normal DJ tasks much easier, with less effort, and a lot less back breaking work caryying all those CDs or LPs. Your clients will notice as well, as you will have more time to spend giving them an enjoyable event!


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