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 RockBox Jukebox V2


Our all new release of RockBox gives you a quality MP3 player and organizer.

You can run it as a standard Jukebox type player, a standard MP3 player or in MiniMe (tm) mode

Take a look at it's features, then take a look at it's price, and we're sure you'll agree it can't be beat:

--- Hot New Features ---

  • Retro diner style Jukebox Mode
  • Full Library Mode
  • MiniMe (tm) Mode
  • Playlists
  • Album view
  • Artist view
  • Genre view
  • Advanced Search facilities
  • Album art display
  • Spectrum display
  • VU meters
  • Random play
  • Mixer
  • Seven (7) band EQ
  • Track List Export Facility
  • Easy add track interface

Much faster than other conventional MP3 players. Multithreaded 32 bit design. No internet connection required while playing, no logins required, basically no bloat!

Finds and loads your existing files quickly, without the need for user intervention.

No Spyware attached!

Can even be used as a basic DJ program to DJ your own parties. Let the people at the party use it too!

Search and load tracks in milliseconds, not seconds!

Try it NOW!  

Jukebox Mode Screenshot

Library Mode Screenshot

MiniMe (tm) Mode Screenshot




  • Use them for as long as you like before you purchase, the only limit on the trial versions is the number of songs you can play per session.

  • When you're ready to purchase, simply visit our Purchase page for information on how to purchase.


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